One exception to Prohibition’s ban on liquor sales was for “Medical Liquor”. Your doctor could give you the prescription on an approved form, and you would take that prescription to your local pharmacy where the kind pharmacist would sell you a pint of whiskey. Frank Ratcliffe’s favorite cure-all (ESPECIALLY during cold weather) was the Hot Toddy… and we proudly offer his version here.

Need to find our Seven Jars Preamble Straight Bourbon Whiskey?

You can find it HERE!

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The Hot Toddy
  1. Squeeze the 1/2 Lemon into a glass or ceramic mug. Add the Simple Syrup and Honey; pour about half of the hot water into the mug and stir thoroughly, until the honey is completely dissolved into the water. Pour the Seven Jars Preamble Straight Bourbon Whiskey into the mixture. Drink as soon as possible, while hot.
  2. NOTE: It is important to pour the Whiskey into the drink after the ingredients are all added and mixed thoroughly. The hot water will cause the alcohol in the whiskey to evaporate and escape quicker than you think! You can actually smell the alcohol vapors emanating from the drink while you are waiting for it to cool down - that plus the lemon scent will help clear up any nasal/sinus congestion!

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