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Sometimes You Have To Dig A Little Deeper…

(…but don’t worry – we’ve already done the digging for you!)

Buy Wine Online!

Head to our online store where you can purchase wine to be shipped right to you!

  • All of our Seven Jars Wines; including the Ava Gardner Signature Wines are available to be shipped to any residence within the state of North Carolina!
  • Only the Ava Gardner Signature Wines (including Beauty and the Beach, Contessa, Forbidden Fruit, Goddess, & the Ava Brut Sparkling Wine) are available to be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

*Spirits can not be shipped!

Interested in Making Your Own Beer or Wine?


We have plans to introduce small classes that will walk you through the step-by-step process and enjoy a complete tour of our brewery, winery, and distillery for only $49.99 per person or $79.99 for two people. Stay up to date below!

*Beer & Wine making classes are not available at this time