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Distillery School

So, you have an interest in Liquor but, want to know more?

Sometimes, You’ve Got To Dig A Little Deeper!

Have you ever wanted more information around opening your own distillery or winery? Have you ever wanted a more thorough background in the actual production of distilled spirits? Have your friends and family members ever discussed terms such as fermentation, attenuation, distillation, proofing, blending, barrel aging and other terms from the spirits world?
Scott McClure
Master Distiller

We have a short three-day economical course created just for you with real-time hands on experience. Founded in 2014, the team of Seven Jars Distillery and Winery, industry professionals for over eight years have developed this class from real world experiences to share with you exactly how they have:

  • Successfully developed multiple spirits and delivered them to the marketplace.
  • Operated a distillery and winery in one of eleven of the highest regulated states.
  • Developed multiple Prohibition Era recipes with modern equipment, valued yeast strains and fresh local grains.
  • Secured and documented a back story and celebrity acknowledgement required to give clarity of purpose and connection to the products.
  • Communicated an effective market strategy to insure successful business plan.

We will teach the following during our 3 Day Distillation class:

  • The art of mashing and fermentation for both spirits, wine and homebrew
  • Practical knowledge of Distillation
  • Barrel Aging vs Steel Containers
  • Proofing and Bottling
  • The history of spirits in the United States (1900-2022)
  • Regulatory Best Practices
  • Hands on Experience in a real distillation environment


  • Tuesday Afternoon: Meet and Greet Dinner with the Seven Jars team
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Class and real-time hands on experience (Mashing)
  • Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Class and real-time hands on experience (Distillation)
  • Friday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Class and real-time hands on experience (Bottling) Q&A

Call for reservations or questions (704) 919-0278

Feb 6-11 and Mar 19-22, 2024

Cost $499

(Early Bird through Feb 23 Only $399)

Rainchecks Offered in lieu of Refunds.