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Embark on our Distillery and Winery Tasting Experience, where you'll savor 14 tastings of our exceptional wines, beers, meads, and spirits. Customize your experience with the freedom to allocate your tastings as you please with the only limit being a maximum of 6 tastings for spirits. Our captivating tour reveals the legacy of the Seven Jars Story, and showcasing our handcrafted creations. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship in our manufacturing facility. Our knowledgeable guides unveil the secrets of distillation, winemaking, and brewing. Enjoy the expertise of our friendly staff and their insightful recommendations. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey, discovering the beauty of our creations from vine and grain to bottle.

** At this time, we are unable to offer refunds for cancelled or missed tours. However, we provide the option to reschedule tours without any additional charges if conflicts arise, provided that advance notice is given. **

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Classes are offered twice a month on Saturdays, typically with Beer classes on the first Saturday of the month, and Wine classes on the third Saturday of the month. Instruction includes techniques, tastings and tour of our expanding facility, plus a few surprises. Each class is packed with knowledge, appreciation for our heritage and hands-on class participation with “live” product in a safe and clean, quality controlled manufacturing environment!