Seven Jars




Embark on our Distillery and Winery Tasting Experience, where you'll savor 14 tastings of our exceptional wines and spirits. Here at Seven Jars we are a very small shop, so our tour primarily consists of the tastings at our bar. In 60 minutes you'll get to hear the legacy of the Seven Jars story, sip our handcrafted creations, & see how all of our liquor is made in our production facility. Enjoy the expertise of our friendly staff and their insightful recommendations as you tag along for a fun experience. 

We offer a wide range of products & flavors so you'll leave here loving something!

Tours start at just $25 per person. There is a $15 non-drinking tour price for those who wish to join a tour without drinking.

** At this time, we are unable to offer refunds for cancelled or missed tours. However, we provide the option to reschedule tours without any additional charges if conflicts arise, provided that advance notice is given. **

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Get ready to gear up for our Distillation class. We cover everything involved with starting and running a distillery including but not limited to production, finances, and regulatory navigation. We offer the hands on production training, one on one consulting from the owner, and informational binders covering all aspects of the class. Sign up today for an early bird discount! Call for more details about our latest classes (704) 919-0278