Although we specifically crafted this cocktail for St. Patrick’s day, you can enjoy it anytime of the year!  This is one of those drinks that surprises everyone.  If you want to put on a show, follow the recipe and create a drink that magically transitions shades of color.  Once stirred, it will be a rich, vibrant green.  The REAL surprise comes when you taste the drink – light, refreshing and something totally unexpected in flavor!  This is one you want to be sure to have in your cocktail arsenal!!

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The Shamrock Leaf
  1. Fill a Hurricane or Parfait glass with ice. Pour the Seven Jars Rum, Seven Jars Pickleback Vodka and Blue Curacao over the ice. Stir to mix. GENTLY top off with Orange Juice; this will make a layered effect of blended colors in the glass. Stirring will produce a brilliant green color! Garnish with an orange slice.

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