December 12, 2017

A Seven Jars Special Recipe

As promised, here is the second classic cocktail that does not use a Seven Jars product. Tequila is not only unique in its flavor (and effects!) it is also something we could not produce even if we DID have a recipe from The Bootlegger. All tequila must come from Mexico, and more specifically produced from blue agave grown in certain regions of Mexico including Tequila and parts of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. By law, any spirits produced from Blue Agave plant outside this region is simply classified as “Blue Agave Spirits”. Yet a classic drink list would be remiss to not include this popular cocktail. Fortunately, the Bootlegger’s variation is actually a popular cocktail in itself, and utilizes our Seven Jars Vodka.

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  1. Prepare a lowball cocktail glass by first chilling the glass, then wetting the rim and dipping in the kosher salt. Fill the glass with fresh ice. Add the lime juice, Triple Sec and Tequila together in a stainless shaker, fill with ice and shake thoroughly. Strain into the prepared glass, taking care to not wash the salt off the rim. Garnish with a lime wheel.

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