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Have you ever thought about making your own wine, beer or cider?

You aren’t alone!! Many people have found how easy and rewarding this LEGAL hobby can be! Seven Jars Products offers fun-filled, HANDS-ON CLASSES where we show you how to save money while producing a great wine, beer or cider! Or, BROWSE OUR ONLINE STORE for all of the products and equipment you may need.

 Seven Jars Distillery is what started it all. We make rum, vodka and bourbon using unique techniques and recipes. Visit our distillery for a tour, learn about distilling and sample our great products!

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If wine is your passion, you want to plan a visit to Seven Jars Winery TODAY!! We not only offer great quality wines at affordable prices, we host classes where you get hands-on training on making wine!

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Visit our craft brewery where you can see true “small batch” beer production! We offer tours, classes on how to make beer, tastings AND everything you need to make great, quality beer right at home!

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Sometimes You Have To Dig A Little Deeper…

(…but don’t worry – we’ve already done the digging for you!)

Find Out More About Seven Jars!

At Seven Jars Products, we offer several different options for anyone who enjoys beer, wine, or spirits

Why do we say “Sometimes You
Have to Dig a Little Deeper”…

Our experiences in life teach us our best lessons; how we interpret those lessons are critical to our happiness and success in life. The story of the Seven Jars is a great example of one of life’s important lessons, and we are happy to share it!

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We offer easy-to-use recipes and ingredients, in a complete take-home package that will allow you to make quality product in the comfort of your own home. Check out the wide variety of products we have available.

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Tastings, Tours, and Festivals

Our calendar is always full of exciting, fun activities featuring the very best in wine, beer, and spirits. Take a look at the latest events on our schedule so you don’t miss any of the great times we have with our friends.

Interested in Making Your Own Beer or Wine?

Join our small classes that will walk you through the step-by-step process and enjoy a complete tour
of our brewery, winery, and distillery for only $39 per person or $65 for two people.

Check Out Our Calendar To Find Out More About Classes, Tastings, Tours, and Festivals.

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