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Scott is trying out a new method for cooling the bourbon as it comes off the still!

One of the really fun things about craft distilling is getting to try all sorts of unique ideas to do things better.  As we have ramped up our production of Seven Jars Bourbon, we found we needed to find a way to cool the condenser more efficiently.  Scott has tried a number of solutions, and among the most interesting was his attempt to cool down the water running through the condenser with dry ice.

While this particular method didn’t work as great as we planned, it sure did look cool!  We actually discussed including this in our regular production methods, just for the neat visual effect.  In the end, it really didn’t contribute to making the end product any better, nor did it really solve the problem that it was intended to solve.  So, at least for now, the “witches brew” won’t be a part of the production process (or the distillery tours!).  We may still find some way to incorporate this in what we do though…